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Why Choose Us

Why Select Bankruptcy Help Group as your Bankruptcy law firm?
We listen and get to know you as a person so we can understand your goals and needs. We will give you the information and answers that you need to make an informed decision, in words that you can fully understand. We will make sure that you understand every option available to you, unlike most bankruptcy attorneys.
Bankruptcy is the “hot” field with lawyers and law firms today. Every attorney and law firm says that they handle bankruptcy or have a bankruptcy department even though they actually have little or no experience at all with this very specialized aspect of the law. All they want to get is your money while they learn at your risk and expense. Attorney William Scannell has practiced Bankruptcy Law for his entire practice.
We have been helping people in Southeastern MA for over 20 years! Our entire legal practice is dedicated to bankruptcy, there is no situation that we have not previously had to deal with and/or handled for a client.
We offer evening and in home appointments, by request. We can meet with you right at your kitchen table if you wish so you don’t have to miss work, or find a babysitter after your long work day.
We’ll relieve you of the enormous stress of financial hardship and provide you with a financial fresh start.
We are completely committed to customer service. We feel it is essential to be on time for appointments and to return your calls promptly. Attorney William Scannell prides himself in trying to return every phone call with in 24 hours and he and his staff want you to feel comfortable, like a friend, unlike many attorneys who talk down to their clients or in such technical terms that your head is spinning.
We offer our services at competitive, reasonable and fair rates. In fact we will meet or beat any other experienced bankruptcy attorneys fees. If you are quoted a fee that is much lower than other fees quoted to you by us or other experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we can guarantee it is because you are talking to a very inexperienced attorney.
When you hire our firm, you can refer your creditors to us so they stop harassing you immediately with never ending phone calls.